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The Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International

The mission of NNVAWI is to eliminate violence by advancing nursing education, practice, research, and public policy.

Assessment Tools

This page contains information about some commonly used assessment tools or research measures created by NNVAWI members. 

Abuse Assessment Screen

The Abuse Assessment Screen (AAS) is a brief, validated tool designed to identify women who have experienced violence from a partner in the past 12 months. It is useful as both a research and clinical tool.    

For current information about the AAS, see:

Laughon, K., Renker, P., Glass, N., & Parker, B. (2008). Revision to the Abuse Assessment Screen to address non-lethal strangulation. JOGNN, 37(4), 502-7. PMID: 18754989 (R)


Danger Assessment 

Detailed information about the DA is available at:





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